Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Preventable Death in a CCA Prison

A 26-year-old young man just died in a CCA Prison in Colorado, after seeking treatment for days for his inability to urinate.  Terrell Griswold was found slumped over on a toilet about 12 hours after a nurse said he "looked fine;" but that was far from the case.  The medical examiner who reviewed circumstances leading to his death said he feels "very strongly that if they (CCA) treated this, he'd still be alive today."


  1. so so sad when someone has no compassion. where is the professionalism. i hope he lost his job.

  2. pissed in ms19 February, 2012

    i hope the bastard loses his job because he just lost his place in heaven. would you have did that to your son. i think not. you worthless piece of crap. oughtta have your genitals cut off. show you how much it hurt. you sissyfied punk.

  3. If you go to prison, the prison officials must give the inmate a trip to hospital if that's what is needed to save a life. We are free to walk or run into the nearest emergency room when we feel our health is in jeopardy, inmates cannot do that. So the jailers must do it. This young man was 26 yrs old, and died with an enlarged heart and a total urinary blockage, urine was swelled inside his bladder and even back flowing into his kidneys. Surely when he told the officials " I CANNOT PEE" someone should have done something besides watch him decline for 6 days until he collapsed not breathing. Inmates are punished by losing their freedom, should that punishment automatically include deliberate denial of medical care to the extent a person loses their life? I think NOT

    1. it absolutely should not! we have the 8th amendment for a reason; it was drafted specifically with prisoners in mind. people have a right to not be killed by negligence or indifference to their medical needs.