Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stay Classy, GEO Group Execs

This is an odd story....

Thomas Wierdsma, an executive at the GEO Group, is being accused of harassment and intimidation by his daughter-in-law, after he allegedly threatened to report her to ICE.  His daughter-in-law is a legal immigrant from Hungary, who has been repeatedly abused and nearly killed by her husband, Wierdsma's son.  After she filed domestic violence charges against her husband, who tried to drown her (among other loving gestures), Wierdsma threatened to report her to ICE, which is troubling not only because he'd have nothing worthwhile to actually report (assuming reporting illegal immigrants is a worthwhile venture), but because the company he works for is the beneficiary of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contracts from that very agency.


  1. What GOOD PEOPLE!!!!Maybe he can request Janet Napolitano to help him. She wants to have all these jails around the country. They can start with GEO relatives if they're are on the s--t list!!!!

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  3. update to this sick story: