Wednesday, February 8, 2012

They Sue To Keep Expanding

The private prison industry's business model is predicated on constant expansion of facility space and bed capacity.  The industry is able to generate such tremendous profits by continuously expanding their capacity and taking on more and more prisoners.  But what happens when a town doesn't want a private prison to expand its capacity?  If you're the GEO Group, you threaten to sue the town to force them to allow you to house more prisoners.

I shit you not.

GEO has threatened to sue El Monte, California, after the town denied its request to expand its existing halfway house.  The town's representatives were only following the wishes of its residents, who are adamantly opposed to the expansion.  But the greedy corporate steamroller that is the gluttonous GEO Group wouldn't let pesky things like public and official opposition stand in their way.  So they're bullying the small town by threatening to sue it, which could have set the town back more than $100,000 in legal fees (in addition to the $45,000 they've already spent in litigation against the company).  Of course, a spokesman for the company says the motive isn't to generate profits, but to serve its client (the federal BOP), despite the fact that their client never requested the effing beds in the first place.


  1. How can we stop this crap????

    First these corporations come in and take over existing facilities, built by the state, and occupy them RENT-FREE. Then when they want to expand and are denied because of resident resistance, they SUE?

    Not to mention that their care of inmates is PATHETICALLY INADEQUATE (sorry for yelling, but I'm angry), so inmates die or get raped -- usually by prison employees -- or have their lives further degraded.

    This needs to end.

    1. Hey Jan,

      No need to apologize! I often find myself yelling (either in my head, in writing, or just out loud at my computer screen) when I see all this garbage. Frankly, that's why I do this. The industry is infuriating and despicable. Please, stay angry, and keep speaking out against the industry and the tremendous amount of suffering it has inflicted on our country (and a few others)